Kaabil is a new 2017 indin film, directed by sanjy gupta,  written by Vijay Kumar Mishra, produced by rakesh rohal under his banner FilmKraft Productions. Its love affair between two blind people.


Hiritik Roshan as Rohan Bhatnagar

Yami Gotum as Supriya Bhatnagar


Its a story about two blind people who love each other. In just two scenes, you can feel their love So much, when they get separated from each other for a few minutes at a mall, you start feeling dying.

The highlight of the film is Hrithik’s bravura performance. He is undefendable as a lover and as a killing-machine. Half a star in the movie-rating is reserved for his all-time best performance here. Yami provides the perfect foil, subtle and super-effective.

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