Baal VeeR

Baal Veer

Baal Veer is a tale about an otherworldly human kid, who is honored with superpowers of seven pixies. There are various pixies in Pari-lok and every pixie has her own particular fundamental trademark as indicated by her name. Be that as it may, Maa Pari has enthroned the Bahuroopi Pari as the Rani Pari. Bhayankar Pari, with help of her partner Tauba-Tauba, tries to end up Rani Pari at the same time, later, is crushed by Baal Veer.

Baal Veer secures the Pari-lok and pixies, and the children around the globe from malevolence powers. He educates the children to dependably be great and genuine. He lives covert as a human kid Ballu with his dear companions; Manav and Meher, as their received kin. The children and their companions are frequently grieved by their classmate Montu, however Baal Veer acts the hero.

Later on, pixies additionally favor the superpowers to Manav and Meher to help Baal Veer, and they are separately named as Baal Mitra and Baal Sakhi.

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