Mahavir Singh Phogat is a beginner wrestler who was compelled to surrender wrestling with a specific end goal to get profitable business. He was not able win a gold decoration for India and pledges that his child will. He is baffled when his significant other brings forth four little girls. He surrenders his fantasy suspecting that young ladies can’t wrestle and ought to just be shown family unit tasks. In any case, when his more seasoned little girls, Geeta and Babita, return home in the wake of pummeling two young men in light of deprecatory remarks, Mahavir understands his little girls can possibly get to be wrestlers.

Mahavir starts honing Geeta and Babita in wrestling. His techniques appear to be brutal, including tiresome early morning workouts and short hair styles to stay away from lice. At first, the young ladies detest their dad for his treatment however they soon understand that their dad needs them to have a future and not grow up to be cliché housewives. The young ladies get to be distinctly persuaded and readily partake in Mahavir’s training. Mahavir takes the young ladies to wrestling competitions. Geeta and Babita both grapple with young men and beat them, regrettably. Geeta in the end wins the Junior Nationals and goes to a foundation in Patiala for further preparing with the goal that she can take an interest in the Commonwealth Games.

Geeta makes companions at the foundation and starts to neglect the teach she has been raised with. She consistently sits in front of the TV, eats road nourishment, and develops her hair longer. Her mentor’s preparation varies essentially from her dad’s systems. Geeta trusts her mentor’s methods are better and that Mahavir’s systems are obsolete. On a visit home, she is resolved to demonstrate her dad she can wrestle well without his methods. This prompts to a savage session amongst Geeta and Mahavir. Mahavir loses against Geeta because of his age. Babita discloses to Geeta that she shouldn’t overlook her dad’s strategies and advises her that it is a direct result of their dad that she is the place she is currently.

Babita soon takes after Geeta to the establishment. Geeta winds up losing each match as she is not taking after her dad’s methods or she is not completely centered around wrestling (painting her nails and developing her hair long). Understanding her mistake, she sorrowfully makes peace with Mahavir. Mahavir comes to Patiala and starts instructing Geeta and Babita subtly, utilizing an indistinguishable strategies from when they were more youthful. Their mentor comes to think about this and is irate with Mahavir’s obstruction and needs to remove them both from the organization, however an arrangement is struck to permit them to proceed the length of Mahavir does not enter the establishment or prepare them somewhere else. Resolved to keep helping his girls, Mahavir gets tapes of Geeta’s past unsuccessful sessions and mentors her by indicating out her mistakes via telephone.

Amid Geeta’s sessions in the Commonwealth Games, Mahavir always repudiates her mentor’s directions while sitting in the group of onlookers. Geeta ignores her mentor and takes after her dad’s guidelines and wins each session. Just before the last session, Geeta’s envious mentor schemes to secure Mahavir a storage room far from the field. Because of her dad’s nonattendance, Geeta begins falling behind in the session where she figures out how to win the first round yet loses the second. It’s the last round and the score is 4-1 where Geeta is down.In the last modest bunch of seconds Geeta gets to be distinctly urgent to win a few focuses yet consequently loses another. Presently, the score is 5-1. Just a fourth of the last moment is left, and now, Geeta begins reviewing her dad’s lessons. She reviews her dad discussing a 5 pointer suplex back when she was youthful. Mahavir said that the suplex is troublesome however can be connected. She additionally reviews her dad saying that one needs to play with the adversary’s brain. Mahavir said that one needs to show something and accomplish something else. Consolidating these two lessons, Geeta gives her adversary a suplex in the last 3 seconds, prompting to a score of 6-5 (Geeta being up) and turns into the primary Indian female wrestler to win gold. Mahavir returns in the nick of time to grasp his girls, baffling the mentor’s trusts of getting credit before the news media.

The end credits uncover that Babita likewise won a silver award in wrestling at the Commonwealth Games in 2014, Geeta turned into the main Indian female wrestler to meet all requirements for the Olympics and Mahavir’s endeavors motivated many Indian ladies to take an interest in wrestling.


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