SanG e Mar Mar

The serial is around two families – one of Gulistan Khan and the other of Saifur Rehman. Nauman Ejaz plays the previous to flawlessness while Tipu plays the last with conviction. Gulistan Khan has four children – Saifullah, Goher, Aurang and Bano – while Saifur Rehman has a spouse, played by Kaif Ghaznavi, and one sister, Shireen (played by Kubra Khan).

Aurang and Shireen are youth companions, however pressures emerge between their families when Saifur Rehman (Tipu) indicates enthusiasm for wedding Aurang’s senior sister, Bano. Saifur Rehman and his dad are not regarded sufficiently commendable by Darjee (Nuaman Ejaz). They are brutally helped to remember their unassuming foundation and tossed out of the town. Both the families choose never to see each other’s countenances until kingdom come.

While Aurang goes to Peshawar for his school, Shireen, keeps on examining in her town. A long time pass by before Aurang comes back to his town, (now all rough and good looking) for his granddad’s funera. This is the point at which the similarly wonderful Shireen (be careful, this show has an overdose of lovely individuals) commits the error of requesting that her driver give him a ride to the burial ground. How was the poor thing to know Aurang would keep running into another delightful woman there; his cousin Palwasha.

Similarly as the two meet, we suspect, they may get hitched, now that Shireen was off the beaten path. Be that as it may, nothing is simple in the realm of dramatization serials. Stopping the long story, Durkhane (Shireen’s bestie) succumbs to Goher (Aurang’s sibling who is a tease) and things get truly appalling. Saifur Rehman is persuaded by his better half that his sister Shireen is caught up with having some not really halaal fun with Goher by the lakeside. He chooses respect murdering is the most ideal approach to handle the circumstance and slaughters Goher while Durkhane (who is the real guilty person) and Shireen figure out how to get away.

The scriptwriter obviously wasn’t simply contemplating the romantic tale when he was composing the play so why would it be a good idea for us to discourtesy his script and with the resolute concentration of a crazy person look from Shireen to Aurang?

How about we push forward (with a substantial heart) and take a gander at the issues Sange Mar really highlights. The show discloses to us that there are still ranges in Pakistan where the custom of Vanni – utilizing your little girl or sister to wash off your wrongdoings – is still particularly predominant. There are families – many them – who still consider respect murdering a decent demonstration. Furthermore, there are still men who think a lady’s sole reason in life is to hold up under youngsters.


Saife Hassan and his whole cast – Noman Ijaz, Sania Saeed, Mikal Zulfiqar, Kubra Khan, Qazi Wajid, Omair Rana, Agha Mustafa, Uzma Hassan, Paras, Beenish, Hassan Noman, Tipu Sharif, Kaif Ghaznavi, Arshad Hussain, Khalida Yaseen, Naik Muhammad, Iffat Siddiqui, Zahida Tarha – has done equity to the script and the story.

Sania Saeed is your discouraged female leader of the family, who has lived under the oppression of her significant other for a really long time, yet this doesn’t mean she can’t talk her psyche. She’s snappy to call attention to everybody’s mix-ups and basically lets them know, “insaan bun bachay insaan”.

In the interim, despite everything I can’t choose in the event that I despise Nauman Ijaz’s character. He is a cliché Pakhtun man, who accepts if young ladies don’t cover their head they’ll get a quite merited hitting from jinns, yet then he regards them to a degree that he pardons his child’s killer on the grounds that a lady asks him as well. He talks sweetly with ladies who are discovered dallying about his home, yet then he is a similar man who in the past infringed upon his sister-in-law’s legs since she set out to move.

Approve, he is a scornful character, yet I can’t despise him and that is the excellence of Ijaz’s acting. He has made the character appear to be genuine – a man who cherishes his family however because of his abnormal feeling of pretentiousness, he has significantly fouled up each and every character’s life in Sange Mar.

The most recent scene was about Shireen’s predicament and now we consider how she’ll adapt in Gulistan Khan’s family unit. She is obviously observed as the sister of a relentless killer and not a love bird. Not to overlook, she cherishes Aurang, but rather is hitched to Safiullah! There were various minutes when tears streamed down our cheeks amid the present scene, and that is incredible for the show’s TRPs, yet we’re sorrowful after the tacky (yet genuine) turn in the story.

Despite the fact that Shireen wedding Aurang would’ve been unrealistic, we can’t quit watching the show since it is a well-made dramatization serial with wonderful areas, straightforward exchanges, solid exhibitions, and a holding story.

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