Sultan is an account of Sultan Ali Khan – a nearby wrestling champion with the world at his feet as he longs for speaking to India at the Olympics. It’s an account of Aarfa – a feisty young lady from an indistinguishable residential area from Sultan with her own arrangement of dreams. At the point when the 2 neighborhood wrestling legends bolt horns, sentiment blooms and their fantasies and yearnings get to be interlaced and adjusted. Be that as it may, the way to wonderfulness is a rough one and one must fall a few circumstances before one stands successful – More frequently than not, this adventure can take a lifetime. Sultan is an exemplary underdog story about a wrestler’s trip, searching for a rebound by overcoming all chances staked up against him. Be that as it may, when he doesn’t ha anything to lose and everything to pick up in this battle for his life coordinate… Sultan should actually battle for his life. Sultan trusts he has what it takes… in any case, this time, it will take everything he has.




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